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Does your building meets the latest EPB requirements? We’ll leave that to our specialists.

What is EPB?

Every new construction, renovation and extension for which a building permit was applied for after 1 January 2006 in Flanders must meet the EPB requirements (Energy Performance and Indoor Climate), drawn up by the Flemish Energy Agency (VEA). These standards were created in order to achieve better ventilation, insulation and lower CO2 emissions from buildings. 

EPB reporting

Whether your industrial building meets the latest EPB requirements is for the specialists to assess. At ABETEC, EPB reporting is part of the construction studies. Our EPB reporters calculate and simulate various solutions with an eye on energy and cost-efficient design, in line with the overall and sustainable concept of your building. Our engineering office clearly identifies which techniques and measures need to be integrated in terms of insulation, energy consumption, ventilation, etc.

From design to delivery

EPB is important throughout the entire construction project. We will assist you from design to completion.
  • Discussion of objectives and wishes together with the customer and architect.
  • Initial calculation and EPB report
  • Consultation and adjustment
  • Submission of EPB start declaration to VEA
  • Visual observations and collection of supporting documents at the end of works
  • EPB final declaration