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Don Bosco Zwijnaarde

Newly built and rebuilt kitchen

The Don Bosco school in Zwijnaarde was in need of a new kitchen and self-service. ABETEC came up with the right plan and in the meantime the works are in full progress!
Don Bosco onderwijsinstelling
Building place
Type of building
Sport and education
Floor space of the building
900 m²
Project sheet
Don Bosco @ Zwijnaarde
Don Bosco @ Zwijnaarde
For Don Bosco Zwijnaarde ABETEC builds/renovates the existing large kitchen with the necessary expansion and renovation. The professional kitchen will be equipped with new appliances. Besides the new equipment, the new kitchen also includes several refrigeration and freezer units.

The refectory will also be given a completely new look and will be completely stripped and renewed from floor to finish. In the new part of the building, the necessary sanitary facilities such as showers, toilets and changing rooms will be installed.

The delivery took place in September 2021 and we received this nice feedback from the client in our mailbox:
'Today our kitchen opened... We have started carefully with only the staff members. Tomorrow pupils from 3-4 will come, Thursday 5-6 will join them and Friday it will be full strength with the whole school. We expect at least 700 big and small eaters a day. That will be a challenge.
The reactions to the concept are very positive. Everyone is amazed at the result: beautiful, efficient, modern, unexpectedly spacious, etc.
Thank you for your input, vision and great concern so far.'