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Everything starts with a smart architectural design, with strong functional and aesthetic qualities.

SHAPE international school

Timeless architecture

A functional and aesthetic building starts with a smart architectural design: realistic architecture offering added value for the users and the environment. WOW architecture with a soul. A design which is beautiful to see, listens to the wishes of the project developer and complies with all regulations. And also: looking for sustainable techniques already in the design phase. That’s ABETEC architects & engineers.

SHAPE international school

Total projects
The design is not an isolated matter, we need to get the total picture right. Our multidisciplinary approach has been designed precisely for this purpose. At ABETEC, architecture goes hand in hand with stability studies, techniques, infrastructure, EPB and safety coordination. Thanks to the ongoing consultations between our in-house services and the supervising eye of our project manager, we can respond quickly and work thoroughly. All the components are joined in our BIM software and your project first becomes a virtual reality based on all your functional and financial requirements.

SHAPE international school

Also for interiors

Architecture is not limited to the outside. We have an interior designer on board who can design the interior of your building up to the finest details. Our interior design department builds the fixed pieces – and loose furniture if desired – of your interior in 3D, to give you a good idea of what the end result will look like.
Unique designs

Every design is made to measure. Drawn and calculated with dedication, supported by technical ingenuity and sustainable techniques. With fine samples of architecture we are building the future. Be inspired by some exemplary projects in various sectors:
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Distribution centres
  • Cultural Centres
  • Educational institutions
  • Care centres
  • Food industry
  • General industry