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Aldi Turnhout

New distribution centre with offices

A BREAAM-outstanding distribution centre with offices in Turnhout where we as a multidisciplinary office have had the opportunity to design, develope and realise everything from A to Z
Aldi Turnhout
Building place
Type of building
Logistics, Industry, Offices
Private sector
Floor space of the building
50 380 m²
Project sheet
Aldi @ Turnhout
Aldi @ Turnhout
Aldi opened a new distribution centre in Turnhout in 2019 and what a new one! The building area is no less than 8 football pitches and was an investment of approximately € 50 million.
4 077 solar panels with a yield of 1 million kWh help them with their electricity needs in an environmentally conscious way. This yield can be compared to the annual consumption of 285 families.

With the construction of this exceptional distribution centre, Aldi has absolutely taken all aspects of sustainability into account. In addition to the solar panel park, they also use cooling with heat recovery and the environmentally friendly CO2, they have opted for motion-controlled LED lighting, process and recover no less than 90% of their waste.
In addition, they have also put a lot of effort into creating a healthy and safe workplace for their employees by paying extra attention to acoustics, daylight and comfort.
All these decisions result in a building with minimal impact on the surroundings and the environment. Not a matter of course for a distribution centre!

But Aldi has succeeded and how! They have obtained the BREAAM outstanding certificate, making them the most sustainable industrial building in Belgium and even one of the top 5 worldwide