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Sporthal De Klodde

Youth and sports infrastructure Zele

A multidisciplinary sports complex designed by a multidisciplinary team!
AGB Zele
Building place
Type of building
Sport and education
Public sector
Floor space of the building
6 313 m²
Project sheet
Sporthal @ Zele
Sporthal @ Zele
The assignment concerned the realisation of a DB-programme (Design & Build) for the design and construction of the new youth and sports infrastructure in Zele, including the demolition of the current accommodation for the football clubs.

The new sports hall, which will be built in 2019 and completed in early 2020, will house a combined sports hall, a gymnasium, a dance hall, a boxing hall, a ropeskipping hall and a judo karate hall. The sports halls are spread over the ground floor and the first floor. That is why our design team opted to spread the changing rooms over these 2 floors. Our team also had an eye for a high acoustic performance, easy accessibility and the combination of indoor and outdoor sports.

The technical installations are located on the flat roof of the 'front' building. By extending the façade of the entire building to a height of 12 metres, the technical installations are hidden from view and an acoustic buffer is provided.

The sports complex is linked to the Wiek, so that it forms a whole that discreetly blends into the surroundings but still has a clearly recognisable profile.

Sports in Zele, a real pleasure in this new hall!