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Drylock Zele

Facade renovation

An energy-efficient and sustainable facade renovation.
Building place
Type of building
Private sector
Project sheet
Last month, demolition/preparation work began on a new multidisciplinary project in our own municipality, in collaboration with JURI NV.
ABETEC architects & engineers are responsible for the architecture, EPB, techniques, stability and infrastructure.

By the end of 2022, the streetscape of Spinnerijstraat in Zele will look completely different.
We are renovating the outer walls of the Drylock headquarters by means of glass facades in front of the existing structure. At 4 corners, the glass façade is alternated with a steel structure for the fixing of the overhead publicity panels. This steel structure accentuates the industrial character of Drylock.

The sun blinds of the glass façade are equipped with an automatic control system that, depending on the weather conditions, determines the ideal position of the sun. This not only creates a pleasant working environment but also results in significant energy savings. After the work is completed, the building will be heated and cooled using geothermal energy. In addition, the entire interior design of the building will be tackled, with all technology being renewed with an eye to sustainability.

These works will not only thoroughly renew the appearance of the building, but also take energy measures to make the building more energy efficient and sustainable.