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Building of container storage

Construction of container storage and repair at Beveren.
Building place
Type of building
Logistics, Industry
Private sector
Floor space of the building
19 895 m²
Project sheet
Medrepair @ Beveren
Medrepair @ Beveren
The purpose of the establishment is to receive, store and distribute empty containers and reefer containers. Each container is checked upon receipt and repaired where necessary. In addition, Medrepair also offers additional activities with a customs and customs desk to put the administrative arrangements for the containers, such as pre-registration and exemption, in order.

In order to be able to carry out the activities, the entire site is paved and divided into roadways, storage zones and work zones. Traffic flows were strictly separated. Trucks are only allowed on a loop to drop off and pick up the containers, pedestrians have walking zones everywhere and cars are immediately directed to the above-ground car park.

Two administrative buildings have been provided with social facilities for the workers.  A workshop with one large open facade is intended for the repair of ordinary containers.  Another building consists of a foaming department for insulating reefer containers, a large reefer container repair area with associated storage space and an adjoining department for ship repairs and maintenance. 

Outside these buildings there are two cleaning zones for containers, a tank track and a zone for loading the reefer containers.  The pavement to be laid was entirely asphalt, except for the risk zones, which were provided with concrete.  The industrial buildings consist of a concrete structure finished with insulated smooth concrete elements.  The administrative buildings were constructed in a concrete structure finished with brickwork.

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