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Action Echt-Susteren

New distribution centre with offices

A brand new distribution centre with offices in Echt-Susteren, the Netherlands, where we as a multidisciplinary office have had the opportunity to design, develope and realise everything from A to Z
Action Holding
Building place
Type of building
Logistics, Industry, Offices
Private sector
Floor space of the building
72 631 m²
Project sheet
Action @ Echt-Susteren
Action @ Echt-Susteren
The project involves the construction of a new distribution centre with offices and access roads, car parks, loading and unloading zones and green spaces in Echt-Susteren (the Netherlands).
The distribution centre is intended for storage and order picking of trade goods, mainly non-food items. Part of the storage concerns high-risk products and is stored in separate compartments (aerosols, flammable liquids).
The warehouse is equipped with a sprinkler system, fire alarm and evacuation system, gas extinguishing systems in computer rooms MER and SER, and foam extinguishing systems in PGS rooms.
The total built area is 58 304 m² (floor area 72 631 m²) and the total outdoor infrastructure is 50 680 m².

The building is equipped with mechanical supply and exhaust with heat recovery. This in combination with heat production by condensing boilers, cold production by compression chillers and a very thorough insulation level ensures an E-level of 0.965 (calculation according to Dutch regulations).