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Constructing and furnishing a new wing for beds

Realisation of a complete new building

A total project within the healthcare sector.
WZC De Heymeulen
Building place
Type of building
Care and living
Private sector, Housing
Floor space of the building
1 515 m²
Project sheet
WZC De Heymeulen @ Buggenhout
WZC De Heymeulen @ Buggenhout
A complete new building will be constructed and furnished as a bed wing.

This new building will have a basement with access via a car lift. In addition to the basement and ground floor, it comprises two more storeys and will be equipped with rooms as well as a number of communal areas and bathrooms. Naturally, an appropriate connection between the new and old building was taken into account. The needs of the residents come first.

After this project, the old wing will be demolished.