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Constructing and furnishing a new wing for beds

Realisation of a complete new building

A total project within the healthcare sector.
WZC De Heymeulen
Building place
Type of building
Care and living
Private sector, Housing
Floor space of the building
1 515 m²
Project sheet
WZC De Heymeulen @ Buggenhout
WZC De Heymeulen @ Buggenhout
In Buggenhout, we are working on the residential care centre 'De Heymeulen'. This project includes a new building that will be fitted out as a bed wing.

The expansion/renovation of 'Rustoord De Heymeulen' was necessary because a number of rooms in the existing rest home no longer met the current standards for rest home rooms. As a result, De Heymeulen threatened to lose recognition for these rooms/ beds. 

In the new building, 22 new rooms will be provided in the first phase, with the accompanying sitting areas, communal bathrooms and areas for vertical circulation, spread over three building layers. 

In the 2nd phase, 17 new rooms will be provided. 

After the second phase, the capacity of the nursing home will increase from 90 beds to 117 beds, taking into account the renovations in the existing building.

This new building will have a full basement with access via a car lift. 

The nursing room, the room for physical and occupational therapy, the hairdresser's room and the office spaces for the administration will remain in the existing section. It was absolutely impossible to separate the new extension from the existing building. It goes without saying that an appropriate connection between the new and the old building was taken into account, with the needs of the residents coming first.

Furthermore, the existing main entrance and multipurpose hall will be rebuilt in function of the new building.

In this project, the façades of the existing building will be aesthetically and thermally upgraded by adding extra insulation and a new façade finish. This will give the retirement home a completely new look.

For us, this is a multidisciplinary project in which we are responsible for the design, stability, techniques, site management and coordination of the execution, delivery and aftercare.