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Aldi Erpe-Mere expansion

Two additional floors

Aldi Belgium
Building place
Type of building
Private sector
Project sheet
Aldi Erpe-Mere: a great project where our multidisciplinary aspect was highlighted! 

ABETEC was responsible for the design (architecture, techniques, stability, EPB, safety design), the permit and tendering process (drawing up specifications and measurements & looking for contractors, comparing prices and allocating the works), project management (correct follow-up of the works, various lots and planning) and safety coordination. Quite a job!
Two additional floors were built on top of the existing office building, each with a ground area of +- 500 m². 
This extension did not require any additional foundation works as Aldi and our stability engineers had anticipated a possible extension in 2009 (when it was newly built at the time).
As a result of the extension, the Aldi head office in Erpe-Mere now per floor an additional  +/- 30 workplaces, two meeting rooms (or one large room by means of a modular wall), a separate coffee room and sanitary facilities.
A special feature of the extension is that a climate ceiling was chosen for the two new floors in order to create the most comfortable indoor climate possible.

The existing office building at ground floor and +1 remained operational at all times. 
Temporary roofing and rainwater drainage were installed during the works. 
The lifting work was carried out in consultation with the safety coordination department.

Last but not least: the works were delivered within the agreed deadline and budget.