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Duvel Moortgat Micro Brouwerij

Building a lab and microbrewery.

Building a lab and microbrewery.
Duvel Moortgat
Building place
Type of building
Industry, Nutrition, Offices
Private sector
Floor space of the building
1 677 m²
Project sheet
Duvel Moortgat @ Breendonk
Duvel Moortgat @ Breendonk
The building is divided into two wings, with the microbrewery on the street side and the labs with offices and meeting rooms in the courtyard. The microbrewery is a pilot project with the intention of experimenting with all kinds of cereals and possibly brewing certain limited editions. The labs extend over two levels and are intended to experiment with the composition of new types of beer. It also serves as a quality control of the existing brews.