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Aldi Erpe-Mere offices

New offices

The establishment of a new office building where ABETEC took care of all disciplines
Aldi Erpe-Mere
Building place
Type of building
Logistics, Industry, Offices
Private sector
Floor space of the building
3 300 m²
Project sheet
Offices Aldi @ Erpe-Mere
Offices Aldi @ Erpe-Mere
The project includes a car park, a ground floor, first and second floor with the possibility to place one more floor on top of this new building.

The office building for Aldi in Erpe-Mere is completely constructed in reinforced concrete. The structure with columns and beams serves to support the floors and facades in prefabricated concrete elements.
The rectangular shape of 15m x 80m connects to the existing offices via a renewed entrance.

Attention was paid to airtight construction with a target of 6m³/hm². The central heating has two condensing natural gas boilers for production. System D with heat recovery is used for ventilation. This can be shut down completely, so that one can also ventilate directly with fresh outside air.

Underneath the building there is an open car park for 45 cars, 6 motorbikes and 20 bicycles, so little parking space was lost. On the different floors there are individual offices, landscape offices and meeting rooms.