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WZC Denderrust

Renovation and extension of the retirement home

Stability, techniques, EPB and safety coordination in both design and execution are provided by ABETEC, in cooperation with A33 Architects for Architecture.
WZC Denderrust
Building place
Type of building
Care and living
Floor space of the building
9 928 m²
Project sheet
Denderrust @ Herdersem
Denderrust @ Herdersem
Denderrust residential care campus is located at the edge of the village centre of Herdersem, near Aalst. Both north and south of the site are open meadows with trees. The surrounding area has a landscape character that is characterised by patchwork quilts, roads, sloping roofs, residential areas, farms, etc.

The existing buildings of the residential care complex on the site are outdated and will largely be demolished as part of this renovation and expansion project. 

The building programme consists of the renovation and expansion of the residential and care centre for able-bodied people requiring care and people suffering from dementia.

The programme is divided into 3 different, small-scale buildings spread across the site: a public cluster (cluster 3) and two residential care clusters (cluster 1 & 2).
  • The public cluster consists of reception, a local service centre, a day-care centre and 'De Bron' meeting room.
  • The residential care clusters consist of small-scale communal living in groups of up to 14 residents.
  • The existing 'Oud Klooster' (Old Monastery) will be converted into six residential care units by renovating part of the building.
After the work, there will be 143 residential care rooms, 10 rooms for short stays, 2 rooms for crisis care, a day care centre for 21 users, 6 assistance flats and an extensive local service centre on the site.
A service centre will be also present on the site.

Cluster 1 is in use since the end of April 2022.
Cluster 2 is in use since the end of September 2023.