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Gedimat De Groote / 't Houtboerke

Building a warehouse with office

A nice total project in the Port of Ghent
Ghent Seaport Logistics
Building place
Type of building
Industry, Offices
Private sector
Floor space of the building
11 861 m²
Project sheet
Gedimat De Groote - 't Houtboerke @ Ghent
Gedimat De Groote - 't Houtboerke @ Ghent
Gedimat De Groote and 't Houtboerke had plans to jointly erect a new building where they could house their activities together.  Abetec was responsible for the overall design of the building and surrounding works. 

On the one hand, the building consists of various workspaces, such as a sawmill for natural stone, sawmill, zinc ploughing and sand filling. 
On the other hand, there is also central storage in a hall with a clear height of 12.20 m and a maximum span of 27 metres. 

Finally, this project also embraces a showroom of 1,500 m² of floor space and offices, 570 m².  Due to the high loads resulting from the stacking in height and the poor subsoil, the floor of the central storage was underpinned with vibro piles.  The structure of the building is based on soil displacement screw piles.  The building itself is a concrete structure with laminated beams and concrete façade panels.  As there is a lot of heavy freight traffic and a lot of stacking space was needed, the exterior construction was provided with concrete.