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Safety coordination

In all our construction studies, safety is our greatest concern. Let our safety coordinator assist you.

Why a safety coordinator?
When at least two contractors are working on your site – even if they are not on the same building site at the same time – it is mandatory to appoint a safety coordinator. The aim is to reduce the risk of work accidents in the construction sector, both during the design phase and during the execution of the works. ABETEC employs certified safety coordinators.

Safety at the site
You can call on our safety experts as part of an overall project managed by ABETEC Architects & Engineers, or just for the safety coordination of your construction project. We examine the situation prior to the works and draw up a detailed safety plan which will contain certain safety recommendations.

From plan to post-intervention file
Safety always comes first in our construction studies. From beginning to end there is consultation with the client and architect.
  • Prior to the construction project: analysis of problems and risks
  • Recommendations for higher safety: e.g. choice of material, accessibility, maintenance
  • Draft of the health and safety plan (HSP) with prevention measures
  • Drawing up the coordination manual (CD)
  • Site visits, monitoring, coordination
  • Preparation of a post-intervention file (PIF)