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Livan I

Renovation and opening tunnels

A safety coordination project: Livan I - the first sub-project of the 2020 future plan for better accessibility of Antwerp
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Livan I @ Antwerpen
Livan I @ Antwerpen
The Future Plan 2020 complements the Antwerp Mobility Master Plan, a series of measures to avoid a traffic jam in and around Antwerp.
Livan should improve the accessibility of Antwerp from the east. After all, by constructing a fast connection between the Wommelgem roundabout and Central Station, you can avoid the structural morning and evening traffic jams on the E313 motorway.

The project consists of:
  • a tram track between the roundabout of Wommelgem and the Ruggeveldlaan.
  • a tram track in its own bed on the Ruggeveldlaan
  • a tram track on the Florent Pauwelslei
  • the commissioning of the 'Reuzenpijp' under the Turnhoutsebaan/Carnotstraat
  • the commissioning of metro station 'Zegel'
  • the conversion of Astrid metro station into a crossroads station
In April 2009, the general public was able to take a walk through the 'Reuzenpijp' for the first and last time, where the works had started on 4 March. The shell of this tunnel was already realized in the 80's and is now further finished with tracks, catenaries, signal installation and emergency lighting. These works were carried out continuously and lasted about 2 years.

From 2015 the express tram will run between the centre of Antwerp and the P+R at the roundabout in Wommelgem.