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Our BIM database allows us to generate high-quality 3D designs and engineering.

Why a Building Information Model?

At ABETEC, we rely on the latest technologies for an efficient construction process. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an important part of this. It is a virtually integrated whole of three-dimensional building models. In other words: a collaborative model to which all our departments contribute simultaneously and from which they can obtain the most up-to-date information.

Functional and financial building optimisation

The essence of this intelligent 3D model is the BIM software. Architecture, stability, techniques, infrastructure, EPB and safety coordination – i.e. our multidisciplinary approach – are brought together in the BIM database. It allows us for high-quality design and engineering, first in 3D and later on the site. Takeoff lists and plans are always consistent. In short: BIM is the best guideline for a functional and financially optimal building.

Advantages of BIM

BIM has a lot of advantages for you as a client. It is a database that we build with a lot of information. It is our way of taking away your concerns.
  • Clear virtual model of your building
  • Three-dimensional overall picture
  • Comprehensive information database
  • Always the latest data at hand
  • Better cooperation and communication
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