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WZC Meulenbroek

Replacement new building of existing retirement home in Hamme

Replacement new building WZC (164 beds) and DZC (10 beds) including the complete demolition works of the existing rest home Meulenbroek
Belfius Bank
Building place
Type of building
Care and living
Housing, Public sector
Floor space of the building
11 042 m² + 110 786,50 m² exterior
Project sheet
WZC Meulenbroek @ Hamme
WZC Meulenbroek @ Hamme
The new building consists of an underground and 4 above-ground floors, each with 41 residential units. The residential care centre has been designed in a V-shape, with the housing units in the legs of the V and the communal areas in the base of the V along the street side. The closed ward for the elderly with dementia was housed on the ground floor. They can relax in the closed part of the garden.
The housing units were divided into living groups of approximately 20 residents who have their own living and dining area, linked to each other in the front of the building with a view of the Market of Hamme.

The implementation of the building was done in 2 phases. The basement housed the new kitchen, the technical installations, storage rooms, changing rooms for the staff and the laundry and ironing room. Between phase 1 and 2, the residents of the existing retirement home were moved to the new building. The existing retirement home was then completely demolished.

The architecture of the new residential and care centre fits in with the surroundings in its entirety. The design and detailing give the campus and its immediate surroundings an architectural added value, without clichés. It is a clear relationship between form, content, experience, incidence of light, integration into the surroundings and the various laws imposed specific to the assignment. The choices of materials are harmonious and balanced and add value to the campus.

The volumes form an urban and integrated transition between the adjoining (private) buildings on the one hand and the "openness" of the campus on the other hand.

The new high-voltage cabin (prefabricated) has been integrated into a green screen and the infrastructure works ensure smooth and easy (barrier-free) use for residents, visitors, staff and emergency services alike.

All design factors and standards have been taken into account and the concept responds to the specific characteristics of the environment and integrates into it in an appropriate manner.