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VDAB Herentals

New competence centre in Herentals

Demolition of existing buildings and construction of new competence centre in Herentals
Building place
Type of building
Sport and education, Government
Public sector
Floor space of the building
1 005 m²
Project sheet
VDAB @ Herentals
VDAB @ Herentals
On the former military domain - in a green environment - the services of the VDAB (competence centre) were already housed. The teaching and training rooms dated from around 1950 and were in a very poor state of energy and construction. The fragmentation of these classrooms on the site was therefore detrimental to their proper functioning on the one hand, but on the other hand also totally at odds with the ambitious objectives of the Flemish Government (Directive 2020/31/EU of 19 May 2010 on the energy performance of buildings).

The new concept had to reflect an appropriate appearance "inviting building with a low threshold" , this in a pleasant environment !

The key words around which the ABETEC design team had to work were:
- Sustainability and flexibility
- Energy-conscious building (environmental certificate ISO14001)
- Affordable concept
- Recognition point on the existing site
Throughout the entire study, concept and implementation, the acoustics chapter was the "red thread" between all design and implementation tasks.

Attention was paid to airtight construction, with v50 = 6 m³/hm² as the target. The heating system has for production an air-water heat pump together with a condensing gas boiler. The ventilation is done with a mechanical system for supply and exhaust (system D) with heat wheel.  This can be completely shut down, so that one can also ventilate directly with (fresh or not) outside air.  This contributes to limiting overheating in the mid-season and possibly summer.  Thanks to this strategy, together with the high thermal mass and solar awning, active cooling can be avoided.
Rainwater is used for flushing toilets and urinals and for the 3 frost-free facade service taps.  Furthermore, water-saving taps are provided for devices that are connected to drinking water.  Energy-efficient devices (e.g. LED lighting) are chosen for the lighting.

The result is an extremely suitable and beautifully finished concept, contemporary, light and airy and fully suited to the objective of the client.
All this without bruising in the immediate vicinity.