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Royal Atheneum Grimbergen and primary school De Regenboog

New building extension and conversion work in Grimbergen

A collaboration for GO! community education with OSK-AR -who were responsible for the architectural design- and atelier Gras.
The ABETEC team was responsible for the study stability, technical equipment, EPB and monitoring of the entire works. 
GO! Education of the Flemish Community
Building place
Type of building
Sport and education
Floor space of the building
2 470 m²
Project sheet
KA en BS @ Grimbergen
KA en BS @ Grimbergen
The municipality of Grimbergen had been struggling for years with a capacity problem in primary education, a trend that has continued in recent years in secondary education. The buildings of the high school were also completely used up, old work houses were converted into sports halls. The playgrounds were beginning to sag and there was no shelter in bad weather.

So it was time for something new!

A new building on the existing site, connecting the primary school and the athenaeum. To make the transition from the sixth grade to the first secondary school smoother, the pupils of the sixth grade and the first and second secondary school share the new building. It contains classrooms for the sixth grade, ideological subjects, language classes, a primary school classroom, a secondary school science classroom, a new sports hall and accompanying rooms.

A functional and sustainable building that will enable the school to grow for many years to come.

But the existing primary school was also taken in hand in this project. By moving the pupils of the sixth grade to the new building, classrooms became available. If the primary school wants to expand further, it needs a three-tier structure in the kindergarten (three classes of each year). The classes that became available are now used as extra kindergarten classes, which involved some minor interventions, such as adapting the sanitary facilities.

Finally, the playground of the secondary school was renovated. With due attention to the green character of the site and with sufficient sports and recreational facilities. When the weather is bad, the pupils need shelter, so an awning was also provided.

Since September 2021 pupils of the "Royal Atheneum Grimbergen" and primary school "De Regenboog" have moved into the new classrooms.