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We also act as an independent delegated builder.

We act as a delegated builder for projects where a builder needs professional representation in the various phases of a construction project and thus wants a complete relief.

In which areas do we create added value from the very beginning?

In first instance, it is very important that the specifications are reviewed. We do this on 3 levels: we check all clauses, conditions and matters for which the developer/contractor wants to cover himself so that we can create a clear picture to our client of the risks of additional work and conditions. By identifying the dangers, the client can still make timely adjustments to the contract with the project developer.
We then look at the preconditions such as load on the floors and roofs, number of employees, etc. to finally move on to an analysis of the proposed materials, insulation thicknesses, techniques, etc.

In our opinion, this preliminary study is extremely important and can prevent many surprises, and therefore extra costs, that would otherwise only surface during the execution or that could result in important additional works during the execution. This is where the biggest savings can be made and many problems can be avoided.

What after the analysis?

After this analysis we can assist the client during the execution of the works. This assistance includes checking the quality of the implementation itself by the contractors, checking that the implementation is in accordance with the agreed programme and checking the necessary settlements, progress reports, technical sheets, implementation plans, etc. 
During the execution we use a platform, namely Aproplan, to streamline the communication to the contractor and the client. This platform is used for the distribution of administrative documents, plans and technical data sheets, whereby a status can be attached to the document in question with regard to the necessary approvals or comments. In addition, this is a very useful tool to pass on comments on the execution to the contractor. The plans are loaded on the platform and if there is a remark on the site, the exact position on plan can be indicated, the remark can be clarified with a photo and comment and the status is also monitored. So there is a very clear picture, even after execution, of all possible remarks, how they have been solved, when, with a photo report and the exact position in the building. As a builder, the client can follow up on this on a daily basis and also provide his input. In this way, the customer also has eyes on the yard and can follow it up closely via ABETEC. It goes without saying that we also attend site meetings to defend the interests of the client.

Finally, we can also coordinate and organise the necessary arrangements for a possible move from the old to the new premises on site. 

How do we handle this practically?

In order to manage such a project, Abetec will appoint a project manager who will coordinate the entire project and act as the single point of contact for the customer. In the first phase, this project manager will coordinate the analysis of the specifications internally, so that each discipline can be reviewed and advised by a specialised engineer. During implementation, a project manager will be appointed who will closely monitor the works, but the project manager will continue to supervise the project. 

As a Belgian and international engineering consultancy ABETEC can, of course, monitor the client's interests both at home and abroad, completely independent of contractors or developers.