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VTI Veurne

Replacement new construction of workshops

A successful cooperation with Osk-Ar for Schools of Tomorrow.
Scholen van Morgen
Building place
Type of building
Sport and education
Floor space of the building
3 288 m²
Project sheet
VTI @ Veurne
VTI @ Veurne
The VTI is a school from the free catholic education system that provides TSO and BSO education. The building is part of the VTI Veurne school campus for science and technology.

The former workshops were accommodated in a temporary space when the school was founded and were in urgent need of replacement. That is why the decision was made to build this new building of no less than 3 288m² around an area of 1 788m².

The works consisted of a workshop on the ground floor with a mechanics workshop, which is divided into a machining department with four subject rooms, a sanitary area and a welding department / sheet-metal working area with one subject room.  On the ground floor, there is also a workshop/garage with an accompanying subject classroom.

Furthermore, there is a warehouse, changing rooms and a TA room on the ground floor.  On the first floor there is a workshop for the first grade with three subject rooms and a changing room.

The building is located (since the demolition of the existing workshop) around a green playground, which has improved the readability of the site.
The building is as transparent as possible in order to provide a view of the site and the surrounding area, but also to make the activities within the building known to the surroundings.

The new building has been in use by no fewer than 450 pupils since the beginning of 2016.