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Rescue pavilion Knokke

Construction of a hypermodern rescue station

Study and follow-up of techniques and EPB in collaboration with Companie-O architecten.
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New rescue pavilion @ Knokke
New rescue pavilion @ Knokke
Since the summer of 2019 you are in safe hands on the beach of Knokke. The new rescue station then opened its doors. This fine piece of architecture offers a view of the entire coastline of the seaside town. But not only the eyes are happy, it is also a technical pearl of ingenuity. 
The lifeguard's nest (the top floor, or watchtower) floats from the rest and stands on a steel pylon, into which we have inserted our pipes (both drainage and supply). When placing the steel construction, the pipes with elevators were pulled through. Because of this you don't see any cables running anywhere!