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Let’s go swimming in Beernem!

A new pool complex

Municipality of Beernem
Building place
Type of building
Sport and education
Public sector
Project sheet
Beernem swimming pool -© ACH Bouw
Beernem swimming pool -© ACH Bouw
After the realisation of the new Drogenbrood sports hall in Beernem in 2013 and the addition of an additional multipurpose hall a few years ago, the team from ABETEC was allowed to design a new swimming pool complex that will seamlessly complement the already existing sports hall. An extension to an existing building should not detract from the already existing architecture. As we use the same materials for the extension as those already present, we create a unity.

Construction of the new complex started in March 2022. The new swimming pool should replace the previous one, which dates back to 1972. 
Builder is Farys. 
ABETEC is a multidisciplinary service provider for this project and is responsible for the design, stability, techniques, infrastructure, EPB and safety coordination. The total package!

This new complex will house a 25-metre pool with 8 lanes, a baby and toddler pool and an instruction pool with a moveable bottom up to 3.40 metres deep (suitable for a deep dive or shallow splash for young and old alike).

Salt electrolysis was chosen to disinfect the pool water. This is a technique in which chlorine is created on site. Using salt electrolysis is better for air and water quality.
The swimming pool will be built against the sports hall, in the free zone between the cafeteria and the cyclocross track. This will allow swimmers to have a drink in the cafeteria after their swim.

With our design, we want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in sport and motivate each target group by creating a pleasant environment. After all, accessibility, multifunctional solutions and a legible building ensure greater user comfort and safety for everyone.

The new pool opened its doors to the public on 13 April 2024.