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Elementary school Merlijn

New elementary school

Study of stability, techniques, infrastructure and EPB in collaboration with Low architects
GO! Onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap
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Sport and education, Government
Public sector, Education
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Merlijn @ Tongeren
Merlijn @ Tongeren
The campus, situated between the Sacramentstraat and the Oude Kerkhofweg, is within walking distance of the centre.  A number of schools have been brought together on this campus: a primary school, an art academy, a clb, a sports hall, a boarding school,...
Following the evolutions of these schools and the surrounding neighbourhood, a restructuring of the campus came about. The new primary school had to be a lever to commemorate the site.  Important in this respect was that this school had to be planned in such a way that future evolutions and expansions would not be mortgaged.

For this purpose, the primary school was housed in pavilions from the 1970s, which were no longer structurally adequate and had to be demolished and replaced by a new building.
The programme included all the functions necessary for a nursery and primary school.  The school is a 'broad school' that is open to partners and thus forms part of a broad network.

This project was realised in temporary association with Low architects.

Photo credits @ Johnny Umans