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Aldi Erpe-Mere

Monday, 23 May 2022
Have you seen it yet? JURI nv has installed its new tower crane in Erpe-Mere. It will be used for our joint project for ALDI Belgium.

The current Aldi headquarters in Erpe-Mere will be extended by two additional floors. An existing floor will also be partially renovated. During these works, the headquarters will remain operational.

Our team is responsible for the complete design of the architecture, stability, infrastructure, techniques and EPB, and also monitors the execution from A to Z, both in terms of project management and safety. Another multidisciplinary project of which we are particularly proud.
ALDI @ ERPE-MERE - Photocredits to Juri NV
ALDI @ ERPE-MERE - Photocredits to Juri NV