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Sports hall De Klodde at Zele

New youth and sports complex

Wednesday, 17 June 2020
The new sports hall in Zele is rightly a showpiece for the municipality and the ideal opportunity for you to keep in shape. Adjacent to the Wiek you can enjoy many sports in the youth and sports complex. A complex that discreetly blends into its surroundings near the cultural centre De Wiek, but still has a recognisable profile.

The design, which is entirely made by ABETEC as a multidisciplinary office, takes into account a high acoustic performance and has an eye for easy accessibility and combination between outdoor and indoor sports. The sports hall has a combi sports hall, a gymnasium, a dance hall, a boxing hall, a ropeskipping hall and a judo-carat hall.
The sports hall is spread over the ground floor and the first floor. That's why we opted to spread the dressing rooms over these 2 floors as well.

The technical installations were placed on the flat roof of the 'front building'. By extending the facade in front of the entire building at a height of 12m, the technical installations are hidden from view and an acoustic buffer is also provided.

This realization is a DB collaboration (design and build) between ABETEC architects & engineers as total designer and successor of the works, contractor Juri-Democo, developer DBI-DMI and client AGB Zele.

Fun fact: the locals have chosen the name of the new sports hall. Out of no less than 200 entries 'de Klodde' emerged as the winner. This refers to the successful flax industry at Zele in the past and also resonates well with the nearby community centre De Wiek.
De Klodde @ Zele
De Klodde @ Zele