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Climate proof award

A proud third place in the category 'sustainability'

Friday, 7 May 2021
During the award ceremony of the Belgian Construction Awards, our team ended up in third place in the category 'Climate Proof Award'.

This category contains designs in which sustainability is paramount from start to finish.

Our nominated design was the new distribution centre of Aldi Belgium in Turnhout, Breeam Outstanding, the 4th best sustainable building worldwide in 2020.

Does ABETEC always work in a sustainable way?
Absolutely! From start to finish, our team is constantly working to weave sustainability into their designs as much as possible. Not just a buzzword, but a way of thinking that is already very well integrated in our company. And we ourselves are also working in a very sustainable new office building - designed by... ourselves.

Curious about what our sustainable office entails? You are, if Corona allows it again, more than welcome to visit us!

Congratulations to our sustainable team for giving the best of themselves time and again during our sustainable cooperation.
Climate Proof Award
Climate Proof Award