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Wärtsilä Kampen (NL)

New distribution centre with offices

All disciplines united in an international project
Wärtsilä Kampen Real Estate
Building place
Kampen (NL)
Type of building
Industry, Offices
Private sector
Floor space of the building
39 745 m²
Project sheet
Wärtsilä @ Kampen
Wärtsilä @ Kampen
In Kampen, the Netherlands, we were able to help realise this total project. A central distribution centre for the storage and distribution of mechanical and electrical spare parts for ship engines and power stations. The building consists of four warehouse areas that together comprise no less than 36,325 m², an office area of 998 m², social and technical areas, a transport office and a gatehouse that together comprise 2,422 m².  So there is a total floor area of 39 745 m², to which must be added exterior landscaping (infrastructure, roads and greenery) of 39 230 m².

A project of which we are still very proud!