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Royal atheneum Tervuren

A new compact hexagonal volume as a pivot point

A design and build collaboration with the team of ABETEC, Osk-ar, construction company Dethier and Grasland, where ABETEC and Osk-ar are jointly responsible for the architectural design. ABETEC also took care of the studies and monitoring of stability and techniques, as well as the site monitoring, EPB and safety coordination.
GO! Education of the Flemish Community
Building place
Type of building
Sport and education
Public sector, Education
Floor space of the building
2 780 m² new construction + 400 m² rebuilding
Project sheet
Royal athenee @ Tervuren
Royal athenee @ Tervuren
By order of the GO! education of the Flemish Community, ABETEC, Osk-ar, construction company Dethier and Grasland have designed a new building for the campus of the Royal Atheneum in Tervuren.

In a first phase, which has now been completed, the new building was fully realised. The new building includes a school for the third grade of primary education and the first grade of secondary education.

In the second phase, which is currently in progress, the classrooms of the existing primary school and the multifunctional hall will be renovated, as well as the surrounding area. We are increasing mobility on the campus and maximising safety by separating the various target groups (pedestrians, cyclists, mopeds, cars, etc.).

The pupils in the new building will not be housed in fixed classes, but in various learning units. These units are open spaces, with flexible learning and instruction areas for small groups, inviting gathering places and small areas for concentration work and discussion that are used depending on the learning situation. Traditional classrooms along corridors have thus been replaced by open, accessible spaces for listening, exploring, tinkering, doing experiments, working in silence, working in groups, etc.

Our aim: an inspiring, inquisitive and motivating environment tailored to each child/young person. Each pupil must be challenged and stimulated to discover and strengthen his or her talents.

The end of all works is planned for August 2022!