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Offices Duvel Moortgat

New offices in an existing building

Conversion of an existing brewery hall into new offices
Duvel Moortgat
Building place
Type of building
Private sector
Floor space of the building
1 240 m²
Project sheet
Duvel Moortgat @ Breendonk
Duvel Moortgat @ Breendonk
The new offices were housed in the existing buildings on the street side that at the time served as an engine room and brewing hall. After the construction of a new larger brewery hall in 2008, these buildings fell into disuse and were not given a new definitive function.
In 2014 it was decided to strip them completely and to convert them into new modern offices with all modern comforts. It was decided to keep the existing structure, in which, among other things, the brew kettles were installed, and to keep it visible. A new volume was built against these buildings and serves as a circulation zone.