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The ABETEC bingo positivity challenge!

Playing together and working on our positivity in the meantime.

Friday, 18 June 2021 – Friday, 16 July 2021
Since October 2020, our team has been going from one challenge to another.

We started with a monthly theme challenge. The challenges were very varied, something for everyone and the challenges were individual. This way, everyone could win a prize.
Last month, our team took almost 9 000 000 steps together in a common challenge to virtually visit all of our colleagues abroad. The group prize was won very easily - we have a very sporty team. One week before the end of the challenge, the goal was reached!

Since Wednesday 16 June 2021 we have been counting down to the construction holidays together with an ABETEC bingo positivity calendar. Every day we tear off a note and have to do a positive assignment. We have already handed out compliments, hung up quotes and are compiling a playlist with songs that we can listen to often. We are curious what the next few days will bring!
Everything is in the theme of mental well-being, taking care of yourself and others. To make it even more fun, we have attached a bingo game to it. The task is to cross out a number. And then to get 'bingo'!

It is great fun to create such challenges for this great team. Every day, every challenge they take on with enthusiasm!

A team that is not only good in their field, but a team that also has the right spirit.

Team ABETEC, you rock!
ABETEC bingo - positivity calendar
ABETEC bingo - positivity calendar