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As long as you're curious, you'll keep learning.

Thursday, 22 September 2022
ABETEC can only encourage it when our employees want to follow job-related training. We ourselves offer lunch & learn events every two months.

For our lunch & learn events, anyone on the team can voluntarily sign up. The topics are very diverse and do not have to focus only on our core business. For example, many of our employees (given the well-known current situation) had many questions about solar panels and home batteries. Go-Solar took the liberty of coming to answer our team's most pressing questions. As many as 45 out of 70 employees had signed up! It is a topic that raises many questions in these times.

At this lunch & learn, a nice mix was offered between the private aspect for our private home situations as well as the industrial aspect towards solution for our clients.

During these events, we or the guest speakers provide a lunch (this time the delicious wraps from Charlotte Food Catering Gent), giving a less formal atmosphere than a standard training course.

Thanks again to Go-Solar for the interesting presentation.

Ps. We were listening so intently that we forgot to take a photo!