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ABETEC is once again contributing to education!

A competition organized by the GO! education of the Flemish Community

Friday, 11 September 2020
A multidisciplinary project entirely in the hands of our professional team!

KTA Mobi wants to move with 127 students from Drongen, where they now rent sheds, to Oostakker where they already have a campus. For this purpose, a work shed of 1,840m² needs to be realised. The apprentices of agricultural mechanics, training as drivers of trucks and agricultural vehicles, motor maintenance and car mechanics must be able to use the new buildings for their training.

The GO wants to maximise the potential of the existing dilapidated site by demolishing part of the existing buildings, keeping others in use and also realising a new school building. The existing buildings that are currently in use must also remain in use during the work, while guaranteeing the safety of all pupils, of course. 

The site is located in a unique green space in the area. ABETEC wants to create unity and has therefore included in the design a green orchard with new large trees but mainly with a grid of low interest trees, as the identity of the campus. The view of the green space is maintained by large windows that we provide in the shed. The teachers' room is provided on the first floor, so that they have a view of all the workspaces, instruction rooms and labs.
It goes without saying that comfort of use must also be considered with the lowest possible energy costs. Of course, we are in a school environment here, so we have followed the design criteria drawn up by AGION to create a pleasant living and learning environment for pupils and teachers. Creating a healthy environment where air quality, temperature, lighting and acoustics are high on the list and where the classic problems of too hot, too cold, too much noise disappear. 
For landscape architecture ABETEC works together with atelier GRAS.

The competition design was approved by the GO! competition jury, but will be fine-tuned on the basis of discussions and design meetings with the management and the users of the school. We look forward to working with them in the coming months!

After Zavo Zaventem, VTI Deurne, the technical institute in Bree, primary school Merlijn in Tongeren and many others, again a great collaboration with GO!
KTA Mobi in Oostakker